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We can all agree that the number one cause of all relationship breakups is something to do with finances or money in general. But what is surprising is that behind the fights people have about money is not money itself but the mismatch of their thoughts towards money.

It doesn’t matter how much money you earn of have if your thoughts doesn’t match that of your partner definitely you will have challenges dealing with one another. The situations don’t end in relationships alone but include business associates and others.

Normally, what we don’t realize is that we are dealing with thoughts and not that paper itself because without value being attached to that thing called money then it becomes useless in itself.

For us to have mutual understanding between us or amongst us we need to raise our awareness towards what is causing the fights or lift between us or among us. Once we comprehend what we are dealing with it becomes a road map towards the way we are dealing with one another which can work.

You can begin by becoming aware that your partner’s thoughts towards money are not the same like yours. Instead of feeling angry to him/her just choose to understand. What is important is to recognize your relationship to the person as being of value than what you are angry for.

Before I married my wife Christine, life was in the blues and everything was perfect and we always talked of heaven and how we were meant for each other. Then came the day we got married then we started getting irritated to each other over small things and there came the money.

The only thing we ever fought about was money and it almost cost our marriage. We didn’t know at the time was that the meaning each of us contributed to money were so different.

To my wife money meant to buy this and to me it meant to save for the future but the good news is that we worked on that through communication and using what am sharing here in this article.

Does all this work? Try it and never regret.

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  • mal_functiongeo:

    Within this era its really difficult to find somone real, who love u for u not your hard earned money or u sex… What exactly matters most to women profit rapport ex: how deep his pockets are or love: how good he goodies u and takes proper care of u the way in which he is doing?

  • baldy eire:

    I actually do in mine.

    My hubby hates fretting about bills leaving it in my experience handle everything associated with money, I favor it this way.

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